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The sandwich generation

It's difficult to be part of the “sandwich generation.” Caring for our own children while managing the care and welfare of our parents is a challenging and time consuming endeavor.  How do we split our time and energy? Hectic careers, small children, household responsibilities all make orchestrating a loved one’s transition overwhelming. Whether the move is down the street or from a small apartment to an assisted living facility, the time commitment is tremendous.

senior relocation partners are ready to share their expertise with you and your parents/loved ones, diffusing the emotional stress, supervising the movers, meeting with estate sales professionals, and being your over all objective decision making partner.  We can be as involved as you need us to be. Our free 30 minute consult gives you and your parents the chance to meet us and determine if senior relocation partners is the right fit for you.

Common questions include:

“What do we do with all of my Mom's old photos? We don’t even know who's in them!?”  

“I love my Mother’s china but we're just not that formal.  Is it worth any money?”

“My Dad doesn’t realize how little he can actually take with him to the assisted living facility.  How do we help him choose what he really needs?"

“Downsizing is one thing but who will be at the senior residence to help my mom unpack and feel secure in her new home?”

Together we will review these and any other questions, create a floor plan, a realistic time- line, check lists of what needs to be completed by when, prepare any donations you decide to make as well as determine what, if anything, you and your parents wish to sell.  SRP will provide an estimate for what it will take to manage your parents’ move from beginning to end.  We too have older parents and are well aware of the sensitivity needed to make this major transition go smoothly and with the utmost respect to your parents and their life long treasures.

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