experts in downsizing & aging in place

SRP is committed to providing a multi-faceted approach to the moving process, from downsizing to space planning to post-move support and advocacy.  We are dedicated to executing a customized, seamless plan based on the individual needs of each of our clients. 

downsize & declutter

Working with seniors is our pride and joy. Facilitating the relocation process  seamlessly and smoothly is our #1 objective.  We understand downsizing is challenging.  Deciding which treasures will make the move and which will “find new homes” can be daunting for anyone. Let SRP help guide you through the process of making decisions about family heirlooms, clothing, artwork and artifacts. SRP will find the most efficient way to downsize and declutter your life so that your move will be simple and easy!  

Age in place

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Pack & unpack efficiently

Before the first box is even packed, Deborah and Michelle will help manage and organize your belongings into categories. Trash will be discarded, donations picked up, heirlooms packed and delivered to the appropriate family members. With the help of professional movers, all that you are taking with you will be carefully packed, stacked, folded and hung to ensure safe arrival to your new home.

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plan & organize

Whether you're moving from a 6 bedroom home to an assisted living facility or anything in between, we will create a master plan for your new home.  Together we will help you decide and orchestrate what to take, store, sell or donate. Envisioning your new home prior to your move, will give you peace of mind that everything will transition easily and comfortably.

welcome home

Welcome home! From the moment you walk in to your new space, you'll feel like you're stepping into a smaller version of your current home.  Your closets will be arranged with all of the clothes you chose to take along with you. Even your paperwork will be organized and made simpler to review. All you'll have to do is relax in your new space and get a great night's sleep in the bed that we've already made for you.